Parade of Flags

The Parade of Flags is Wellington Kiwanis Club’s newest community service project. We are selling $30 subscriptions to have a flag placed in your front yard for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Patriot Day and Veteran’s Day. We were fortunate to receive a $1,000 KARES grant. In this case, KARES stands for Kiwanis Aid, Relief and Economic Security. All proceeds go towards our new signature project – raising funds for community playground equipment.

Help create a community of red, white, and blue and join the parade of flags in your neighborhood.

Wellington Kiwanis will provide, install, remove and properly store the flag for the following holidays:

Memorial Day, Flag Day (6/14), Independence Day (7/4), Patriot Day (9/11), and Veterans Day (11/11)

$30.00 per calendar year – All profits support Wellington playgrounds.

Where will the flag be placed in my yard? We will do our best to find the most visible place, 6 ft into your yard from either the sidewalk or from the tree lawn.

When will the flag be placed and removed? We will place and remove the flag approximately 1 to 3 days prior and after the holiday. 

Already part of the way into the year, no problem. We can prorate your cost, $6 per holiday for the remainder of the year. Please give us 2 weeks prior to a holiday to process your paperwork.

The flagpole does not have a light. You may place a solar light at night if you wish or bring the flag in during the night while returning it the next morning.

For a business that does not have space to place a flag, a flag will be placed for you at Union Park. If you would like a recognition sign, the fee will be $30 for a 18”x24”. We estimate that these signs will last approximately 2 years.

To purchase a subscription, click here.