Parade of Flags

The annual Parade of Flags is Wellington Kiwanis Club’s newest community service project and now underway. New this year is placing individual sponsored flags on Duke Pride Hill on the north side of the Wellington underpass on North Main Street, also known as O’Keefe Way for former mayor Barb O’Keefe.

To purchase a subscription, click here.

Subsciptions to have a flag placed in your front yard for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Patriot Day and Veteran’s Day are $30. We are still taking subscriptions to have flags placed in front yards for the next four holidays, Flag Day, Independence Day, Patriot Day, and Veterans’ Day. The cost will be prorated at $24, but we will gladly accept the full donation of $30 for the year. All proceeds go towards our new signature project – raising funds for community playground equipment.

Help create a community of red, white, and blue and join the parade of flags in your neighborhood.

Wellington Kiwanis will provide, install, remove and properly store the flag for the following holidays:

Memorial Day, Flag Day (6/14), Independence Day (7/4), Patriot Day (9/11), and Veterans Day (11/11)

$30.00 per calendar year – All profits support Wellington playgrounds.

Where will the flag be placed in my yard? We will do our best to find the most visible place, 6 ft into your yard from either the sidewalk or from the tree lawn.

When will the flag be placed and removed? We will place and remove the flag approximately 1 to 3 days prior and after the holiday. 

Already part of the way into the year, no problem. We can prorate your cost, $6 per holiday for the remainder of the year. Please give us 2 weeks prior to a holiday to process your paperwork.

The flagpole does not have a light. You may place a solar light at night if you wish or bring the flag in during the night while returning it the next morning.

For a business that does not have space to place a flag, a flag will be placed for you at Union Park. If you would like a recognition sign, the fee will be $30 for a 18”x 24”. We estimate that these signs will last approximately 2 years.